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Aparna Sunil is a spiritual enthusiast with a passion for life! She’s also a gifted writer with extensive writing experience. Having always been intrigued by the psychology of leadership, success, happiness, and health, Aparna writes on spirituality, meditation, lifestyle, manifestation, health, travel, wellness, and self-help topics, to name a few.

Having worked as a technical and creative writer for several years now, she believes she is blessed to do what she loves to do— express her thoughts, and through it, inspire and empower the lives of all those who read it. With this in mind, she pursued her dream a few years ago and along her journey met like-minded enthusiasts who shared her passion for creating books that delivered on its promise to positively change lives.

Currently enjoying the best of both worlds, (that of catering to both the creative and technical audience), she loves what she does and feels privileged by the enormous learning experience.

Based in London, Aparna spends time exploring photography when she’s not writing.

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