Are You In A Troubled Relationship? 3 Subtle Signs That Indicate You Could Do With Some Help

Every new relationship — whether personal, romantic, or professional—has its share of ups and downs. However, there isn’t much in the world that is more painful than a broken heart. While in the beginning, it is very natural to feel positively overwhelmed by all you can take in, a few weeks, months or even years later- you might find yourself feeling overburdened by conflicts and misunderstandings. While this too is very normal, it’s not particularly something one wishes for.


Recognizing the signs of any trouble in your relationship is the first step towards understanding what you need to do to nurture it. Once you know where you are going wrong and what you’re likely to be up against if the problem is not fixed, you’ll find it easier to save your relationship from troubled waters. Here are the 3 most obvious signs to look out for.

1. You Notice an Increasing Distance in your Relationship

troubled-relationship-3-subtle-signs-indicate-helpIf you’ve been in a relationship with a person for a considerable amount of time, then it’s very natural for you to go through periods in which you might feel a little distanced. As people grow, they learn and develop new interests. Sometimes, they might also change in the way they deal with things. For instance, a person who previously liked to do things together might develop a desire to explore a few things alone. This is quite normal in a relationship and is not a cause for worry. Giving your partner the space he/she needs will stop you from piling on them. This will also mean you’ll have new things to discuss and share with each other.

However, if the distance is growing with each passing day and is getting to a point where it’s drifting you apart beyond return, then it’s a sign you need to take notice of. Take time to understand what’s causing the distance. Is it a misunderstanding or a change in interests? Is it something you want to and can fix? If it is, then be quick to brush aside any ego problems and address the issues.

2. You’ve been Fighting and Can’t Find an End or a Solution to Any of the Issues

Despite your genuine attempts to talk about things, you find yourself being repeatedly misunderstood. Worst still, you feel like you’re being drawn into an endless argument that gets pulled up for the most trivial of instances. If the palpable tension is growing by just sharing muted space with your partner, then there is a good chance things are going south in your relationship.


Notice who or what is causing the tension? Are you subjecting your partner to guilt or are you at the receiving end of it? Take a step back and look at things from an outsider’s perspective. While it might feel like you’re the victim and the one being purposefully hurt, it might not necessarily be true. Assess your actions with an open mind. Is there something you want to talk about but cannot because you think it might hurt the other person?  Do you fear it might be seen as something that is rather out of character? If yes, then it’s important you address the issue irrespective of the consequences. Weigh your conversation and try and explain it in the most sensible manner.

3. You’ve noticed a Dip in Your Sexual Life and It Has Nothing to do with Tiredness or Lack of Time

If you are experiencing a long period of little or no sexual activity despite the opportunities, then it might be a sign that things are not going well. Bear in mind that it is normal to have times when you are feeling less connected sexually. However, if the wait has been particularly prolonged for no genuine reason, then it’s time you see this as a sign and seek professional counseling to address the issue.