Is Professional Jealousy Ruining Your Otherwise Beautiful Relationship- 3 Powerful Ways to Encourage and Support Your Partner’s Success

In an age where everyone is ambitious and wants to make a name for themselves, the ability to truly understand your partner’s needs is the fundamental and most important trait you can cultivate on behalf of your relationship. Just as a successful organization thrives on its ability to perceive its customer’s needs, a successful marriage depends on the mutual respect and admiration shared between the couple, not of their jealousy.

Sadly, an increasing number of couples seem to be struggling with their relationships in pursuit of their individual success. They forget that being in love and in a relationship is all about encouraging the other to be their potential best. If you’ve been experiencing issues with your partner’s success and want to make amends before things go out of control, then you’ll be happy to know that I’ve written this blog especially for you. In it, I discuss ways to handle your partner’s success while making the most of your loving and beautiful relationship.



1. Irrespective of whether you know it or not, you are The Apple of Your Partner’s Eye. Likewise, Your Views is What Makes or Breaks them in the end

Irrespective of whether your partner is winning recognition or is struggling to make their mark, your views and belief have the ability to define their future. Simply put, they need you to be their biggest fan and it is through your words that they gain validation to pursue their dreams.

Don’t wait for your partner to share their success. Instead, be the first to let them of know of their feats. Show them you truly care by edging them to aim higher and realize their dreams. Let them know how amazing they are in your eyes. Make them feel valued and loved. This is, by far, the most valuable gift you can bestow on your partner.

2. Respect Their Views. Likewise Be Honest With Your Feedback

professional-jealousy-ruining-beautiful-relationshipSimply praising your partner when you know they could have done better or have not delivered to their potential will limit their success. Likewise, using criticism and harsh words to pull them up will only get their spirits down.

Own the role of a nurturer. Reach out to positive and constructive feedback techniques and motivate them to try harder the next time. Give them feedback they can work on. Encouraging them to deliver their best at all times will allow you to love and enjoy your partner’s success without jealousy or resentment.

jelousy-23. Be Self Assured not Jealousy

The root cause of jealousy comes from a feeling of insecurity. Each time you feel a flash of insecurity or intimidation, urge yourself to mindfully focus on your feelings. Simply opening your heart to feeling and being honest can help you understand and address the root cause of the insecurity. It’ll also help you understand where you are going wrong and what you can do to achieve success too.

Just as you encourage and believe in your partner’s ability to achieve, encourage and believe in your strengths too. Likewise, seek your partner’s view on your work and act on their feedback.

Remember that your partner’s success is by no means a threat to you. Instead, use their success to motivate yourself to realize your dreams. Reach out to them for inspiration and you’ll soon realize how leaning on their support can bring out the best in you too.