5 Everyday Ingredients You Didn’t Know Have Gluten in Them

Sticking to a gluten-free diet can be easier than you think it is when you know a few ground rules.  The most important rule is to know your ingredients well. For people who are not allergic or are less allergic to gluten, simply consuming a regular diet or a gluten-free diet might do the trick. However, for those who are particularly allergic, consuming the tiniest amount of allergens can have their symptoms going from bad to worse. In fact, doctors believe that consuming as little as 12 grams of gluten can bring out the worst symptoms in celiac patients. For such people, being gluten- free doesn’t mean they only avoid gluten free food items. It also means they remain extra vigilant and also avoid foods that have hidden gluten in them.



Most people think of wheat-based food as the only relevant source of gluten. However, this is not entirely true. In addition to wheat, there are a number of everyday ingredients that contain small amounts of gluten in them. Here are some of those ingredients listed for you. Avoiding them can help you lead a happy and healthy gluten-free life.

1. Oats

By far, the most popular breakfast ingredient, oats in its natural form is indeed gluten-free. However, most often than not, they are manufactured in wheat processing units and therefore might contain a tiny amount of gluten in them. If you’re extremely allergic to gluten, then its best you choose a brand that is known and reliable. Additionally, observe your body’s responses to the food. If you think you’re reacting to it, then stop consuming it right away.

5-ingredients-gluten2. Tomato Ketchup

I’m sure you’re wondering how tomato ketchup features in this list. Well, it turns out that tomato ketchup made with organic vinegar is gluten- free and therefore safe to consume. However, sometimes, manufacturers might make use of artificial or refined vinegar to make the sauce. Since both artificial and distilled vinegar have gluten in them, they should be avoided at all cost. Make sure your ketchup is gluten- free before consuming it.

3. Baking Powder

Yes, this too. Ideally, baking powder is made up of two ingredients- baking soda and the cream of tartar. However, sometimes, manufacturers might choose to use corn starch or plain flour for a smoother and more refined texture. Since both corn starch and plain flour have gluten in them, they should be avoided too. Your best bet is to look at the ingredient list carefully.

4. Fresh Yeast 5-ingredients-gluten

Fresh yeast has gluten in it. Therefore, always check to see if the bread or food you buy contains fresh culture or yeast in it. If it does, simply avoid buying it as it might most likely have gluten in it.

5. Processed Cheese

Natural and organic forms of cheese are definitely gluten-free. However, as in the case of most food ingredients, processed cheese is what is popularly sold. When picking your cheese, always insist on organic and natural ones. Taking this extra precautionary step alone can help avoid any unpleasant bouts or symptoms after consumption.