4 Must-know Tips That Can Help You Score the Body You Desire

Getting and staying fit can be a challenge if you’re not particularly passionate about fitness or healthy living. Let’s face it, for those who aren’t as passionate, it’s hard enough just to get up off the couch. So, how do we reach out to that passion and achieve the body shape we so longingly desire?


Here are 4 must-know tips health and fitness experts swear by. Embracing these fun and practical strategies will help you chisel your body into a fitter, hotter, and happier self.

1. Give It Three Whole Weeks


If you can stick to your exercise or fitness routine for 21 days at a stretch, you can make a habit of the activity. Studies reveal that people who stick to their diet and workout goals for three whole weeks are more likely to stick to their plans for long when compared to those who switch their regimens within shorter time frames.

tips-22. Never Skip the Most Important Meal if you Want to Shape your Body


No, I’m not talking about skipping your breakfast alone (which we all know we should never skip), but rather the recovery meal soon after a workout. So often, people skip their post-workout-meal in the fear of undoing all the calories previously burnt. This, experts believe, is where most people get it wrong. Instead, they recommend getting a healthy dose of up to 20 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates within the first thirty minutes of a workout routine. This, they believe, will help promote muscle recovery, refuel your body, and burn out more calories throughout the day.

3. Chase after a Certain Range and Not a Certain Number


Let’s face it; attempting to reach a certain target weight is most often a lofty-and unattainable- goal. When it comes to chasing weight loss goals, it’s always better to go after a certain range than a specific number. So instead of setting a target of 10 pounds in 2 months, go after losing five to 10 pounds in quick time. The fact that your range is flexible and not time bound will mean you don’t have the additional stress of not measuring up to your expectations in the long run. On the contrary, it will encourage you to stay driven and achieve those goals as effectively and quickly as you can.

4. Not So Fast. Target One Day at a Time tips-3


How often have you started a diet with a bang- restricting your calorie intake to the bare minimum- only to go back to old ways in quick succession? How often have you sulked or cursed yourself for not living up to your expectations? If you’re like most of people who are struggling to lose weight, then there’s a high chance than those stringent diets backfired sooner than you hoped it would, doing your weight loss goals more harm than good.

The key to losing weight and keeping the weight off is to stick to a plan that is realistic. Plan out a routine you know you can execute. If you can hit the bed thinking you’ve achieved your goals for that day, then soon enough, you’ll be able to achieve your long-term goals with equal ease. The key is to make healthy living a way of life. Take each day as it comes while appreciate the small changes your body is experiencing.