Expert Lifestyle Tips for a sharper and Healthier Mind

Turns out that how you cook is as important as what you cook when it comes to cooking for optimal brain health. If you’re cooking the right type of food but are cooking it the wrong way, you might end up destroying the nutritional property of the food, taking away the mere purpose of the diet. Here are a few lifestyle tips for superior brain health.

Limit Cooking with or Consuming:

  • Deep-fried foods as they alter the chemical structure of the oils and cause inflammation
  • Burnt food even if it means you have to throw it in the bin
  • Processed, packaged and prepared foods. Try and cook a little fresh food every day. The hard work and extra bit of effort will go a long way in strengthening your brain
  • Red meat if you can, especially if you’re suffering from chronic brain ailments.
  • Sweets and aerated drinks. Stay away from artificial sweeteners too. Instead, try using natural products such as honey and Indian jaggery
  • Foods that contain gluten as they cause inflammation
  • Alcohol and dairy products


Instead always:

  • Cook on a low flame when cooking
  • Use a bamboo steamer for vegetables and meat. They help enhance taste and infuse all the nutrition from the ingredients into the actual dish
  • Use fresh oil when cooking without ever overheating it
  • Substitute coconut, soy, or rice milk for fresh cream
  • Select organic foods and meat wherever possible
  • Make a portion of fermented foods such as kimchi as they are great for brain health
  • Eat small quantities at regular intervals without overeating or dieting
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or healthy fluids.

Adopt a Brain-Strengthening lifestyle.  Exercise Your Mind and Body Simultaneously

No amount of supplements and healthy foods can make up for the lack of physical or mental activity. Exercising your body helps pump enough blood and oxygen to your brain. Therefore it’s important you indulge in a form of exercise that fits snuggly into your daily routine. Here’s a list of fun-filled options you might want to explore:

Step Out for a Walk. Make Sure to Soak In Some Sunshine When You Can

Try and make it a point to head out for a walk, preferably every morning as this will help you get some fresh air kicking into lungs at the start of the day. You can buddy up with a friend or listen to some of your favourite music. Do whatever makes you feel good and happy.

SMILE- It Sure Is the Best Medicine for a healthier lifestyle


Try and look at the brighter side of life and things in general. If things aren’t going according to your plan, then understand that it’s a phase and you’re in it for a specific reason. This time too shall pass and good times will welcome you ahead. Think of all that you’d like to do when you emerge successful and with a bright smile, welcome the future!  Don’t hesitate to laugh whenever you feel like it too- It costs you nothing!

Fondly Remember Memories that Bring You Happiness

Your daughter’s first birthday, the time you bought your first car, your first pet- think of things that mean the most in your life. Hold onto those memories as they’ll give you the strength and courage to believe in the future you want to see.

Exercise Your Mind

While thinking of pleasant memories and feeling good about yourself are great mood-enhancing activities, you’ll also need to include a few brain-strengthening activities into your routine. Take up a puzzle such as Sudoku or jigsaw if you like. You can also include games such as chess, checkers, bingo, and so on. Look online for endless mind-bending games. is a great website to find memory and brain-training neuroplasticity games.

Practice Focus and Tap into Your “Inner Mojo”

This is one of the best games for brain strengthening.  If you can focus on something for 10 minutes without shifting your attention, then your brain is most likely doing well. Additionally, try meditating as this too helps focus and align your thoughts to a point where there are no thoughts, no inner chatter, and no noise. Instead there will be only peaceful silence.


Read a Book and aim for a healthy lifestyle

Now is the time when you might want to grab a corner, sip on a cup of coffee and sink into that book you’ve wanted to read for ever. Reading is a great mind-strengthening workout.  It’s also a great stress buster.

Bottom Line

Do something extraordinary or something very simple. In essence, do whatever makes you feel happy!  Your brain will automatically mirror the responses likewise.